Handloom products are colorful, beautiful and durable. Ivory Fashion House has a range of handloom products from clothes to accessories and homeware. 

Handloom Clothing

Handloom cloth collection ranges from Sri Lankan traditional clothes such as sarees, lungis, sarongs, lama sarees, kids’ redi-hetta to cotton ladies’ tops and shirts for men. Our cloth range is available in all colors, all sizes suitable to all age categories. Handloom clothes give a rich look and enriches anyone’s appearance who is wearing one. You may choose to wear a handloom cloth during any season, any time of a day, as an office wear, as a casual wear, for a special occasion, etc.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year is the season for celebration in Sri Lanka. If you are missing home and the celebrations, we give you the chance of wearing the best looking traditional handloom clothing and celebrating the new year exactly the same way with magnificent family selfies. You may throw-out a surprise new year party to your Australian friends and give them handloom clothes as new year gifts. 

Our traditional handloom clothing range is best suitable if you are wondering what to wear for the ‘Dress-up day’ at office. Clothing is a communicator of culture and tell the world how beautiful are the Sri Lankans and how colorful is the Sri Lankan culture. We assure you would be the centre of attraction and the beauty queen of the day.

Handloom Accessories

Handloom accessories collection ranges from sling bags, nursery bags, cloth belts, pencil pouches, mobile pouches, money purses, necklaces, earrings, bangles, rings, scarfs, shoes, etc. All these accessories are skillfully and carefully handmade with prefect finishing and enriched beauty. We are sure none of the gold or silver accessories will give you colorful and cheerful look than the handmade handloom accessories. You would just feel carrying on the craft all around the places while you walk about. You be differently beautiful.

Handloom Homeware

Handloom accessories collection ranges from beautiful unique accessories such as wall-hangings, soft-toys, cushion covers, bed sheets, bed covers, carpets, etc. All these items are skillfully and carefully handmade with prefect finishing and enriched beauty. Making your home colorful gives happiness around the home and keep all your loved ones cheerful and healthy. Let your house smile with handloom homeware products and speak the language of beauty.

Ivory Fashion House handloom products are available at affordable prices. Special discounts are provided for purchases in bulk or for a group. Celebrate the season of gifts with exclusive handmade Ivory Fashion House handloom products.

Product List

1 (L,XL) Cotton Gawn kids
2 100 x 100 Bed Sheet
3 13 – 13.5 Coller
4 16×16 handstiched cover
5 16X16 Plain Cushion Cover
6 Bag casual
7 Bed Sheet 90 x 90
8 Birthday Card
9 Boys Sarong
10 Brass Key Tag with box
11 Caterpiller
12 cooton high neck top
13 Cotton Casual Gawn Kids
14 Cotton Pleat short Top
15 Cotton Full Open Short Top
16 Cotton Full Open Short Top With Coller
17 Cotton Pleated Skirt (M)
18 Cotton Saron
19 Cotton Saron Kiddies
20 Cotton Shawl Small
21 cotton blouse
22 Cotton Boys Sarong
23 Cotton Casual Gawn up to 2XL
24 Cotton Casual Gawn up to 2XL
25 cotton high neck top
26 Cotton Kids Gawn
27 Cotton Lungi
28 cotton princesssline top
29 cotton saree
30 Cotton Sarong
31 Cotton Shawl Large
32 Cotton Short Top
33 Cotton Silk Sarrees
34 cotton silk shawl-L
35 Cotton Top S / M / L / XL/2XL / 3XL /5XL
36 covered shoe
37 Doll Somasiri – Boy Medium
38 Duffle Pencil Pouch
39 Dumbararata bag
40 Dumbararata wall Hanger
41 Dumbararata Cushion cover
42 Dumbararata Bag
43 Dumbararata Table Runners
44 Dumbarata bag
45 Dumbarata Table mats
46 Elephant Large
47 Elephant Small
48 Extra Large Shirts
49 Face Napking
50 Fish Pouch
51 full cotton long top with bottons
52 Glass Mats
53 Glossy cotton Lungi
54 Gloves
55 H/L Toy Octopus
56 H/L Casual Duffle Long Handle Bag
57 H/L Casual Pleated Bag – Medium
58 H/L Caterpiller – Medium
59 H/L Cotton Saron
60 H/L Duffle Pencil Pouch – Medium
61 H/L Face Napking
62 H/L Gents Shirt Large – 16 1/2
63 H/L Hand Stitched Deco Elephant
64 H/L Hat – Medium
65 H/L Letter Holder – 2 Pockets
66 H/L Letter Holder – 6 pockets
67 H/L Long Handle Pocket Shoulder Bag
68 H/L Long Handle Shoulder Bag – Large
69 H/L Mouse Key Tag
70 H/L Multi Pocket Box Pouch
71 H/L Nappy Holder
72 H/L Pouch
73 H/L Small Bag – Drum Shape
74 H/L Tab Bag
75 H/L Torties Pouch
76 H/L Toy Octopus – Large
77 H/L Turtle-L
78 H/L Two Legs Elephant
79 Handloom Cotton Tops up to 2XL
80 Handloom Hats
81 Handloom Lungi
82 Handloom Table Mats
83 Handloom Tops
84 Handstitch Covers
85 Handstitch Elephant Large
86 Handstitch Elephant Small
87 Kids Cotton Sarong
88 Kids Shirt (9 – 12.5 coller )
89 Kids Shirt 11 ½,12 , 12 ½, 13, 13 ½
90 Large Hat
91 Large Note book
92 Long Handle Bag
93 Long Handle Shoulder Bag
94 Long Top
95 Medium Note book
96 Montesori back pack bag
97 Multicolored String adjustable sq Bag
98 Normal Coller shirts up to 2XL
99 Note Pad
100 Note Book Large
101 Note Book Medium
102 Note Pad
103 Octupus
104 Octupus Key Tag
105 Pen Holder Square
106 Pillow Case
107 pouch
108 Redda hetta
109 Saree Jackets
110 Shirts 14 1/2 , 15 1/2 , 16 ,17,17.5
111 Silk Cotton Saron
112 Silk Cotton Scarf
113 Silk Shawl Small
114 Silk cotton sarees
115 Silk cotton tops
116 Silk Sarong
117 Silk Shawl Large
118 silk shirt – 3Xl onwards
119 Silk Shirt – Up to 2Xl
120 Silk Short Top
121 Silk Top
122 Sinhala Lettters Cushion Covers
123 Skirt (2XL)
124 Skirt (M, L, XL)
125 Small Hat
126 Small Long Handle Bag
127 Small Shirts
128 Table Mat
129 Table Runners (5 feet)
130 Table Runner 5feet
131 tops
132 Torties Pouch
133 Toy Hanging small
134 Toy Dolphin
135 Toy Hanging Small
136 Turtle
137 Turtle Large
138 Two Colour Cotton Sarrees
139 Wallet
140 Wool Band Flower

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